Relaxation Area

About Us

Artevo was established in İstanbul ,Turkey in 2008 . It grew up highly reputed as a turnkey construction and design firm in passing years experience in its field.   

Over the years Artevo has constructed and designed many successful projects; Hotel projects and their interiors, Marina shopping mall projects , headquarter building projects, medium scale building projects, industrial facility and interior construction & design of  spa areas , offices and restaurants both in homeland and in other continents.

 As a construction we mainly do the finishing constructions works and infra structures such as ; steel works, electricity, concrete works, plumping systems installations, wall’s constructions, gypsum boards, , floor coverings , wall coverings, ceiling coverings, furniture, aluminum works, wood works, marble works, windows, doors, plaster, paintings, etc…

 Our expert architects, civil engineers and construction staffs are always developing new construction technics and new design ideas for suitable spaces to increase the perfectness. Working with valuable partners which are expert in their own field are also supporting to our constructions.

Artevo Spa is an establishment of Artevo Architects.


With our expert architectural and engineer staff and  expert partners we design aesthetic and functional structure for users which they can use the area with both comfort and enjoy. Our goal is always to achieve the best and unique for our clients, so to provide this we use true materials with expert construction crew to make the best quality and durable construction.


Within years examining and searching the construction technics in the worldwide and getting by special educations of master construction & design instructors Artevo increases knowledge about constructing & designing of buildings. By trying to add new experiences to our design ideas and developing new construction technics is advanced our knowledge to the top to create perfection.